Thursday, November 29, 2007

in five years, my first blog

this is my first blog doing this.
ive never blogged before.
actually, i lied.
i used to have a xanga, about 5 years ago.
anyway, many things have changed since then.
what five years can do.

in five years:
ive gone into jr. high.
ive graduated from jr. high.
ive gone into high school.
ive gone to public school.
ive grown up five years and am now a "teen"
ive gone through puberty, oh gee.
ive gotten my ears pierced.
ive earned money. (besides getting money for doing little things such as.. taking out the trash or something silly.)
ive gotten a job.
ive gotten braces.
ive hated braces. :-p
ive lost my brother, unjustly to anyone.
ive longed for Heaven more and more.
ive grown in my relationship with God.
ive failed more times to start counting.
ive been forgiven just as many times.
ive gone on a mission trip.
ive gone out of the country.
ive made new friends.
ive lost old ones.
ive experienced death.
ive seen new life.
ive learned so much. 
ive done so many things, and God has blessed me more than ever.
i love growing up and learning and discovering thing about life, yet sometimes i hate what has to occur to get to that point.
one overall thing ive learned/discover in the past 5 years would be the fact that God is there for me and he loves me.
before, it was, like Mr. Frazier says, like the sunday school answer. i knew Christ died for me, and i knew i was going to heaven, and i thought i knew about God, but boy was i wrong.
God's there for me, during my ups, during my downs, during my heartache, during the times i cant stop laughing. 
when im lonely, when im loved, whatever im doing, hes there.
He lifts me up when i cant do it myself, he keeps me humble when im full of myself.
i could go on and on, but i guess ill stop you from this misery. ;-)

i need to get to bed.
i have to babysit tomorrow.
oh, another thing ive discover in the past 5 years...
the beauty of sleep. :-)

im out..
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