Thursday, May 14, 2009

John Stossel and Dallas

Have I ever told you that I am a little obsessed with the show 20/20? Well, I am. It's not one of those shows that are just for entertainment, but it's a news type of show. They always have different views than the "typical" or "mainstream" and I really enjoy listening to what their theories are about. Also, I just love John Stossel. NO, I don't think he's cute or charming or whatever people think of when I say I love him, but I just love how he thinks outside the box and presents facts. I don't always agree with his point of view, but he's entertaining to watch anyways.

I am finally making headway on my summer schedule. It has taken a ridiculously long time. I am so indecisive! 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here before, but I went to Dallas last week to visit my favorite person in the whole world. John and I went to visit Hannah, and we had a splendid time. Originally, Hannah had invited me and our other friend Kara to come up and we could go to Homeschool day at Six Flags Over Texas. Kara couldn't make it, so John joined us instead. It was certainly an interesting few days because of the face that John and Hannah ended their dating relationship just a few short months ago, but they are still good friends and we had fun. I miss Hannah so much now that she has moved, but I am grateful that I got to visit. We got to take a tour around town, visit the local grocery store, and eat us some Chili's! We got there Wednesday evening, went to Six Flags on Thursday, and then just hung out until we came back on Saturday around lunchtime. Hannah got a new phone while we were there, and it was fun messing around with it. I love figuring out new gadgets. 

Until next time...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Are You Kidding Me?

Okay, seriously, why does it have to be May already? This crazy year has gone by so fast.

Last night I went to see Fast and Furious with Brianne, Connor, Kendra, and Brianne's friend Leah(I think? I hope thats the right name). It was fun, and I was glad I got to see them and spend some time with them. I don't know why, but I just never actually hang out with Kendra, Brianne, or really, any of the kids in TSMAC these days. I hang out with the girls in my grade, but not really anyone else, and I miss it. That said, I hated the movie we saw. A couple weeks ago I had heard it wasn't very good, and had alarming amounts of boobage and butt in it, but I wanted to spend some time with those girls so I let those reviews go right past me. Well, on my way there and throughout the whole movie I was thinking about it, but it didn't stop me. Whoops! When they said it was "the ultimate guy movie" it all makes sense now. I just hope none of the guys I know see it, except I know that many of them have. The lack of clothing, lesbian scenes, tons of cars, and no particular sense in the story line makes me understand why it was a guy movie. Well, the lesbian scenes didn't really make me understand, but they were definitely present and unashamedly there. Ugh! THIS is why I don't go see movies in the theaters that often. There's just nothing I want to see! OI'm one who'd like to go to the movies and see cheesy, cute movies like High School Musical 3, Hannah Montana, and Facing the Giants. Since this last movie, those were seriously the last ones I saw in theaters. No, I don't even like HSM, and Hannah Montana drives me up the wall with the way she's supposed to be(and IS) and major role model for thousand, perhaps millions, of little girls, yet she acts and dresses horribly. Don't even get me started. It just makes me want to cry. My generation(I guess? I just mean the people within... say... 10 years of when I was born) didn't even have her and we're still completely messed up with our self-image! I'm praying hard for these young girls. Back to what I was saying, I am completely content with staying at home and watching a movie by myself! Wait... did I say I enjoy watching movies by myself? Uh-oh... I wasn't supposed to add in that part. The Sound of Music, Radio, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kate & Leopold, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Anne of Green Gables to name a few. I'll even be fine watching a movie at home with someone. I'm just not that picky with movies. Really, the only reason I watch movies is for conversation. If nobody ever asked me about movies, or if I could actually make conversation instead of getting to where I just say "so what movies have you seen lately? Oh, I saw that too! Did you like it?" Well, since I've been writing for so long it's now the 2nd of May, so I should end it right here.

Until tomorrow, 

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