Friday, February 13, 2009

For No Reason At All...

Here I am again! My theory on blogging is that if, at first, I blog every day(or close to it), then I'll get in the hang of it, and eventually get to where I am blogging in the normal amount range, but not ridiculously too much or too little. Don't worry, this blogging every day thing won't last long, but it will help me realize that it is an option of something for me to do. While I'm at it, why don't I write(or type... whatever) what my goal is for this silly thing. I'm not really in it for the social atkmosphere as much as I am for the writing. I honestly don't care that much about having "followers" or anyone who reads this. I just want to talk to myself(I know.. I'm a weirdo) and just talk about random stuff that most people just honestly don't care to hear about. :-D I could seriously talk all day long, but I'll spare all my friends and family when it's just rambling, and just type here. I also just want to write my poems, songs, and stories in here. My goal is to put prayers and such in here so that way I can look back at it and just see what my God has done! I know that he answers prayers, but sometimes it takes so long that my easily sidetracked brain can't handle it. Haha. Just to let everyone(ha! well... let myself know) that I'm not going to put anything on here that I wouldn't want other people to see. By writing all that stuff above, I'm not trying to drive you away, I promise! I'm just not going to be obsessed about it, and if I have followers and friends than great, but I'm not gonna flip out over it either way.

Well... here goes my day. I did absolutely no homework today! Fun, but now I get to catch it all up next week. Ugh. Today my youngest sis and little bro had a homeschool science class at the Science Museum, and my mom was signed up as a chaperone. I decided to tag along and go see Body Worlds 2! When the first one came I really wanted to see it, but since my mom wasn't a big fan of seeing real people I didn't get to go. It was really good, and I'm glad I went, especially since I got to get in for $7.50 instead of the freaking $21 normal ticket price! At times I was a little sick to my stomach thinking that those things are real people, but all in all I was fascinated by God's handiwork! What an amazing masterpiece we are! I am literally in awe. Later after a couple things I was supposed to do were cancelled, I decided to take Michael out for a mini "together day" and get ice cream. Together days are our special thing, but I'll write about them another time. Well, we went to get ice cream at TCBY, then headed to the park to eat our ice cream and talk for a little bit. I love those times with him! That is all that is exciting (or not so exciting) about my day. Right now I am babysitting(which you will see I do quite often), and the kiddos are all in bed. Oddly enough, the parents I'm babysitting for went to go see Body Worlds tonight. I guess I'm off. I'm getting tired, and I think the parents will be home pretty soon so it will be my bedtime! :-D

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