Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Just Hard

Life isn't all sunshine and roses. Everything that happens in life isn't always fun. Trials come, hardships are inevitable. Just as life isn't always easy, going to Rome isn't always easy.

Today I had my first run-in with opposition in my decision to go to Rome. To be honest, it pretty much stunk. People have asked questions and been interested in figuring out why I'm going, but they haven't told me directly that they think I'm making a big mistake. Maybe they're just being polite, but I sure am thankful!

My sweet mom got the brunt of it today, but she came home and told me and I was about in tears. And it wasn't long before they were full-fledged tears. Now, I understand that people are just trying to look out for my well-being and they're not deliberately trying to be discouraging or rude. They think they know what is best for me and want to voice their opinion. I am thankful for their thoughtfulness. Yet, in my frustration (mostly because I'm realizing my family and friends have to deal with all of it and not just me!) I am reminded that Jesus was mocked and ridiculed. It also reminds me that this is the reason I am serving God rather than men! If I was doing this for men's glory, I'd be continually discouraged and talked out of leaving. Because man's approval is the approval and acceptance I want, I am free to live as God calls me.

Life isn't always fun, but God makes it worth it. He make bad into good. He takes the hard times and turns them into joy. He turns opposition and ridicule into solidification that this is God's will for me. After all, if people understand exactly why I'm going, is that really faith? Is that really trusting God to lead me? I'm convinced it probably isn't.

Honestly, what I really don't understand about all of this is that, if God is calling me to serve Him in Rome, why do you feel the need to tell me not to follow Him? Christians (and I mean this VERY generally! I happen to know MANY people who are the complete opposite and encourage me, but it still happens.) tell the younger generation to love the Lord and follow Him in everything and don't worry about what other people are saying but as long as you're at peace with God about it then go for it, but we turn around with a plan and a direction where we believe God is leading us and what happens? It's too dangerous, it's too expensive, it's too this, too that. ISN'T THAT WHY WE HAVE A BIG GOD? I understand the need for safety (especially for minors under the care of their parents) and to be cautious and such, but didn't the disciples risk their lives for the sake of Christ? Wasn't Paul put in jail because He was following the Lord? And didn't God take care of them?! He most certainly did! AND He furthered His kingdom through it! Also, the Bible clearly command us "preach the Gospel to all nations" and tells us to "suffer for his sake" but we also can lean on the truth that He will take care of us! Even if I die in Rome (and I don't plan to and there's no reason I am led to believe I will... AT ALL!), isn't my life for the glory of God? If God brings me home for His glory isn't that all I care about? I, too, am often frightened by the unknowns of living life in another country but in the core of my being I know without the shadow of a doubt that the Lord will take care of me, and that's all I need. You are free to say whatever you want to about where God is leading me, but I am following Him with joy in the call He has placed on my life to follow where He leads and that's not negotiable.

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