Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, I made it to Rome! It's been almost a week and a crazy one at that. I'm afraid this blog has been quite ignored lately. I don't like to be rushed when I blog, and lately there just hasn't been any down time. So, here I am going against my ways to give you some sort of update!

I am loving Italy already and am ecstatic about what the next 6 months hold. Although it is certainly an adjustment moving to a new city that not only has all new people, but a new language, new culture, and new time zone. My life is now characterized by new, unlike much of my life until now.

This past week has just been a week of adjusting to the new time zone (7 hours different from Houston), unpacking, and getting to know the city. I think we're finally getting somewhat adjusted. The slow pace (that's not really slow. We're just not getting involved in the community much yet.) is great for me because I get overwhelmed going outside with all of the magnificent beauty and history here.

Until the Elliotts and I find an apartment for me, I am staying with them. There are some possibilities, but we haven't officially decided. At this point there's only one great option, so we'll just have to see if anything else (there's a couple apartments that we just don't have much information about yet) comes up.

Here's some pictures I've uploaded to Facebook. I'll be updating some here eventually but if you'd like some pictures now you're welcome to!

I'll be back soon! Thank you for all your prayers!


Evan said...

Well, I hope things slow down-- just a bit though. We don't want you slacking off. :)
Hope you get some cool new digs. Put photos up as soon as you decide.
Praying for you and your ministry in Rome. Keep up the rambling.
- Evan

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your rambles! YOu are a gifted writer( I think, at least) and I am so looking forward to hearing more. I will be praying for the time you have there:) Love always, shannon

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