Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Spring Break Week

I am having an exciting Spring Break! It tends to get better every year. Thank goodness!

I've done boring things like cleaning, watching tons of movies, sleeping, wasting time on this blog and Facebook(even thought I hate the new one!) and everything else you can think of. I really do enjoy doing all of those things, but thank goodness my regular schedule doesn't allow time for things like watching too many movies and spending so much time on Facebook and blog! I would be ruined forever.

On a more exciting note, I have gotten to hang out with some friends this week as well. Tuesday night I went to my friend Shannon's house for a sleepover. Mary, Hannah, and Kara were all there too, and we had a blast. They are truly my deepest, best friends. I am so thankful for them. I would seriously not be here right now if it weren't for their consistent, ever-loving, always caring relationships with me. We all get along so well, and have a fun time together, but we also have many serious conversations that can certainly end up in tears because of our sharing in joy and grief with one another.

I also got to go to dinner, and then back to my house for board games with some friends. We were supposed to go bowling, but it was too crowded. See, the original plan was to come back to my house to hang out, but then when my little brother Michael got the flu, we decided that would not be a good idea, so we agreed to go bowling instead. Obviously, the bowling thing didn't work out because it was too full, so we came back home and played board games outside where Michael didn't leave his germs. We played Quelf(VERY fun game if you've never heard of it), spoons, and then I whipped out my guitar and we sang for a little bit. It was a lot of fun, but I wish we did things like that more often. Who knows, maybe we will!

Okay. THIS is exciting news! I have officially landed myself a job! Mmhmm. A REAL job, and not just babysitting. I will be working at Bobbie Que's Smokehouse, which is literally only about 5 minutes from my house. It was supposed to open today, so I went in to start, but apparently they decided to push the opening back a day and forgot to tell the cashiers. Whoops! The poor things. It's not a chain or anything, but just a "family" business sort of thing, and they are learning what to do to open a restaurant! No joke, I called to get info about applying, and was supposed to start today. Does every job application go that quickly? That is just insane. I'm not complaining though, don't worry! The weirdest thing about this new job of mine is that, ironically, I don't like barbeque! Yes... I AM a Texan(born and raised) yet I do not like barbeque. My family and friends enjoy letting me know that is against the rules, but what can I say? To put it briefly, I am excited about this job! The family (and family friends, I think) that own it are really sweet, and were genuinely sorry they didn't let me know ahead of time about the delay in opening. Although there's been some communication problems, I am confident this will improve once we all get into the hang of things. :-)

And there you have it, my week of Spring Break in a nutshell. We'll see how my last couple days end up. 

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