Sunday, March 15, 2009

This week is Spring Break for all the PSK's(Public School Kids). I took last week off(even though I probably should have done my work) and am excited for this week too. I tend to go through spurts of being anti-social, not talking to anyone, not hanging out, or wanting to do anything but watch movies and read books for a week or so every.. oh... couple months or so. I'm just hoping this week isn't one of them, especially since it's starting out like it will be! What thrills me is the fact that I will only be babysitting one time this week! :-) I am too excited. I think I have gotten burned out on babysitting, just because I do it so often(at LEAST 3 times a week... often up to 5 or 6). Bleh. 

After church today I went to a meeting for the Short-Term Missions at my church. Just a few months ago we hired a new, incredible, inspiring missions pastor, and I am elated that he's here. I just can't wait to see what God is going to do.

And... as randomly noted as can be, I am falling in love with Pandora Internet Radio. Well, I don't love it, obviously, but I sure do like it! My only problem is that I can't think of anything to type in! Go to and listen if you wish.

In going with the randomness of today's post, I'd also like to mention that I have no clue what I'm doing this summer! Okay, I lied, because I do have an idea, but that's all I have, ideas. I know one thing I'm not doing(going to Mexico), but I have 3 camps I want to be at all summer! I have to split up my time, and I'm afraid I will choose the wrong weeks and miss out! I need to just get a move on it. A new chance came about today for this summer, though. Greg(the missions pastor) is trying to get a group together to go to New York this summer, about he same time as the Mexico trip. New York was supposed to be for Seniors through college(I'm a Junior) so I thought it was out of the question, but apparently not! Greg said that if there are other student who would like to go, and aren't going to Mexico(because they will be at about the same time) are welcome as long as the youth pastor, JJ, agrees. I'm not sure why yet, but I just feel the need to go on this trip. I hope I'm not just listening to my feeling because I respect Greg and would always jump at the chance to go on a trip with him, but I'm listening to a conviction from God that I am supposed to go to New York, and thats why I was not supposed to go to Mexico. See, about a week before and after my last post, I had been considering and praying about going to Mexico with TSMAC(The Student Ministry At Cypress... my youth group. Pronounced tee-smack.). I went last year, was blessed immeasurably, and I'm seeing the effects of it even now, yet I am not going this year. Are you wondering why? Good question! :-) To be honest, I had never really seriously prayed about a mission trip before, and I had a lot to learn. My reasoning was "Why not? Why would God NOT want me to go on a mission trip? He always loves it when I serve others, right?" Well, it's not that He doesn't want me to serve Him, BUT that Mexico is not the way I will bring Him the greatest glory right now. I know it sounds a little silly, but this was consuming my life for a couple weeks! I couldn't concentrate on my school work, was preoccupied most of the time because I was searching for a Word from God! When I first felt the conviction that I shouldn't go on this trip, I was like "Oh... I'll just pray and God will tell me. No big deal!" but God wanted to show me to truly depend on Him, even if it was through the decision of a small, week-long trip. He clearly told me through prayer, Scripture, and encouragement from others that going to Mexico is not for me this year. So sad, but I am glad to help the team prepare to leave and have a successful time there. I'm going to miss my Mexico friends even more! A blessing though, from this decision is that my incredible friend Kara isn't going either, so it will be much easier on the both of us who will be sitting at home or doing something else while many of our friends are on the trip.

Well... that turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. I can get a little carried away. I have some serious prayer and meditation to do about this New York possibility. 

Goodnight, and I hope you have a splendid Spring Break!

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