Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It has been a week since I've updated! Oh gee... I need to dedicate a whole post to the retreat, and I am STILL thinking about things from it, so that will have to wait, but I have other (not-so-)exciting things to write about!

At this very moment, as in, right now, I am visiting my wonderful friend Hannah in Dallas! She moved up here around Thanksgiving, and although she visits home quite often, I desperately needed to come see her in her new home! I actually love it up here. The area that she lives in is quite new, and I absolutely love new things! We leave tomorrow to go back home, and I'll miss this break. I should just be thankful for even getting to visit and for my parents' permission to leave home during a school week, but it is just so stinking hard. Sigh.

Yesterday was Stephen's birthday. It wasn't very different for me, but I guess that's probably because I'm not with my family and didn't get the full emotional experience. Wow... right now I h ave a 20-year-old brother. How does that happen? I remember thinking about how wonderful it would be when Stephen turned 20, and I'd be 17, and we could both drive! It was amazing to think about how wonderful and perfect life would be when we would be grown up! It is seriously hard for me to believe that I/my family is getting so old! That baby brother of mine is now 9? What is happening? Life is leaving and slipping right by! On another note, I guess it's good that I'm realizing this now instead of later? I think it's making me appreciate life and the days I have here, and helping me decide what I'm going to do with those days!

Hannah is waiting for me to get off this silly computer so we can enjoy our time together. I'll be back, and hopefully is won't be as long as last time!

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