Friday, April 24, 2009

My Ramblings... (What else would you expect?)

Goodness gracious! It has been too long since I've updated! I'm afraid its only going to be random things written numerically. What happens is that I'll miss one day (or one thing that happened) and then after a while it just gets to be too much, but I still want to write about the thing that I originally wanted to write! Whatever, this is so pointless and confusing, and here I go... rambling. I guess it fits the name of the blog!

1. Two weeks ago today, there was a baptism service for our youth group at a students' home. We used their pool for the baptisms, and 7 people got baptized! It was a special time\I just love baptism. People getting baptized, the idea and reasoning behind baptism, the whole shebang... I love it. I'm excited to know that I can walk this ever-so-important walk with them, and now I know they are game.

2. It's over. I quit my job. You think I'm probably kidding, but I kid you not. I have loved the opportunity, and the pros of it(like wonderful hospitality... ridiculous closeness to my house), but thats not what I will be doing when May 6th rolls around. I gave my two week notice, and I'm done next week. I'm doing another list:
               a. There was simply just horrible cussing(my boss cussing at me... co-workers), which I know I can handle and isn't abnormal but I just don't want to put up with it and make myself struggle if I don't have to! Also, my dad has a lot of experience in retail/food industry, and he said a manager shouldn't be cussing(and there shouldn't be very much cussing in the workplace at all) but its not against the law or anything, but just courtesy.
               b. Another thing I was/am frustrated about is the schedule. This week, I freaking didn't get my schedule until today. Monday night my manager told me I was working this morning, but the rest I found out today when I look at the official, on paper schedule! Thats just plain nuts! My whole life doesn't revolve around this job, and its not good business-running to do that. 
               c. There's a really mean cook there who works at night, and I feel very threatened by him. EVERY time I see him, he make some snide(but serious) remark about me being "professional" and "doing my job". I was there one night, and wasn't even on duty(!), but he was yelling at me and made me cry(although I just left and didn't let them see me cry, but cried in my car)! He just makes me so upset and I don't want to work in that environment! 
               d. I'm just not proud of working there. Their food(especially at first) would take 20 minutes to get out the window, just for a chopped beef sandwich! I don't even want people to go in and see me because it's unpredictable how the service/food will be! It all depends on who's working. Also, it's a barbeque place, and we have 4 sauces(original, smokey, pineapple, and jalapeno), but we only give out 3! We've been out of original sauce for a few weeks now. They have a warehouse where they keep a lot of sauces, but there was none left and they had to order some from the people who actually make it. They shouldn't have even opened! About a week or two after we opened they realized it. They should've known they needed to order more before they opened. There's just no excuse. The thing is... I have to be the one to tell all the customers cause I'm a cashier! The managers and the owners don't care that we don't have the original sauce cause they don't have to deal with the customers! 
               e. I am going to be gone for a lot of the summer(working at camps and such) and knew they would need to hire someone else anyways. Well, I'd be going if they'd let me off.  
               f. (One more thing... I promise:-)) I applied and got the job as a cashier. I didn't know what the responsibilities were because this restaurant isn't a chain, and this is their first-ever place. I figured I'd be possibly taking food out to people, (obviously) taking orders, and keeping the front counter dry. I was thinking I'd possibly have to keep the drink/condiment counter clean/stocked as well, but I didn't think I'd be doing bussing! After I was hired they got some bus boys, but the thing is that the bus boys decided they wanted to cashier instead of bus, so now we're all cashiers and bus boys! I mean, its not that insane to have a cashier doing bussing, but it's not what was supposed to happen. Even though I didn't have specific job duties, I knew they were getting bus boys, and I didn't expect to bus. Now.... there are tons of plusses to this job, don't get me wrong.  I love how hospitable my manager is. He has no problem if we're late(as long as we let him know), told us at the beginning not to be shady about taking money but if there was a problem then to just come talk to him and he'd give us money/loan us money... just don't take it, offered to give anyone rides at times if they need it, and is generally grateful for people. I love him, but they just don't run a business well. That's it. I'm done with this topic. 
3. After all that, I'm going to apply to work at Chick-fil-a tomorrow. My friend works there, said she could get me a job. I figured it would make more sense to apply after summer's over, but she said she knew they would let me off after only working a month and  hopefully I can drag in a little money. I'm really excited. See... I wanted to work at Chick-fil-a before I even started working at Bobbie Que's, and I applied there at least twice, but they never hired me cause it didn't ever work out. This time, though, I'm hoping everything will work. I know I'll like it a lot more than Bobbie Que's. 
4. I've been amazed at how fast this year has gone by! I am going to be Senior... yes... a SENIOR in just about a month or so. Are you freaking serious?! Holy crap! Every time I think about it I just get a daze. It's exhilarating to me, but scary. Well, not scary, just makes me anxious. I don't know. It's just the weirdest thing in the world that this time next year I'll be getting ready to graduate and leave to go overseas. Woah.

5. JJ's message this past Sunday was incredible. I just hope this catches on and we can (God can) start a movement in our youth group because of all he said. Slightly off topic, I appreciate his honesty with us. I think pastors tend to get stuck in the thought pattern that everyone thinks they are perfect, and they have to live up to that so they can't be real. Personally, I think we don't want/expect pastors and leaders to feel that way, but somehow they think it. I think what the congregation wants is for them to be vulnerable, just like they expect us to be. 

Well... I'm plum tired of typing. I'f you've even made is this far, I know you know why my hands are tired! Thank you for letting me write all this. I know if I didn't do this lot-of-posts-in-one I would never get around to say the things I want to! I'm going to go crash in bed. Hopefully next time I won't wait so long so the posts aren't as freakishly long. Oh! I forgot to write about the dance!.... tomorrow will come...

Much Love,

(what do you think of the signature? I don't know. Eh.)

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